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Odum offers information technology computational resources to the UNC campus and beyond, particularly targeting projects too large for commodity desktops and laptops but not large enough to warrant the overhead of a High-Performance Computing cluster managed by UNC Research Computing. If you or your research team needs assistance, we would be happy to consult with you on a solution.

Cyberinfrastructure Services

R Studio/R Shiny Server

This server accepts ONYEN logins from UNC students, faculty, and staff.

CyVerse Discovery Environment

The Discovery Environment provides sharable research storage that includes applications sharing to automate workflows; available on an experimental basis.


Odum can also offer custom software installations on custom virtual machines on demand, and continues to experiment internally with iRODS storage, Jupyter notebook statistical computation, and in-house software to integrate with the Dataverse publishing and preservation platform.


Don Sizemore can provide assistance with Linux installation and support, Ansible Automation script designs, Python data manipulations, as well as R package management and installations. To schedule a meeting with Don, please email him at
Jonathan Crabtree can provide assistance with technology solutions and infrastructure design, complex data storage needs, data replication strategies, data preservation, information systems auditing, and research project data management. To schedule a meeting with Jonathan, please email him at